The school day begins at 8.55am until 12.00 noon, and from 1.00 pm until 3.10 pm.  The morning nursery session is 8.40am till 11.40am – the afternoon session is 12.10pm till 3.10pm.

Punctuality and attendance are important priorities within school and we seek parents’ cooperation in ensuring that children attend school regularly and on time.

The school bell rings at 8.55am and all children are required to be in school at this time.  Children arriving late in school are required to enter the school building through the main entrance and report to Mrs Bennett’s office where they will receive their register mark.

Persistent lateness is unacceptable and will be monitored along with persistent absenteeism by our Pastoral Leads, Miss Holly Johnson and Miss Jo Wyke.  Children are rewarded for regular attendance on a half termly, termly and annual basis with the support of Middlesbrough’s “Every School Day Counts Campaign.”

It is essential that parents value and encourage regular attendance if pupils are to get the most from school.  We therefore request that should your child need to be absent from school that you ring school immediately and let us know why your child is unable to attend.  Our phone system allows you to leave a message to report your child’s absence.  This means that you do not have to wait until school is open to report the absence, you can telephone at any time.