Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies – “Turning Concern into Action”

The Mini Vinnies is the junior branch of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP). The SVP is an organisation that strives to spread justice in our world and, by enabling schools to become involved, encourages children from a young age to make a difference to the world also

Who was St. Vincent de Paul?

Vincent was born poor and in the beginning he wanted to be rich. This was why he first became a priest!

Later he changed his mind and decided to spend his life helping the sick and mentally-ill, orphans and old people, beggars and the starving, prisoners and galley slaves.

Vincent’s life is a great reminder for us all to find ways to help those around us.

You can explore the Mini Vinnies website by clicking on this link

What do Mini Vinnies do in St. Thomas More?

Our Mini Vinnies group is recently new but its members have been part of our school Mission Team who reach out to help others – this may be at a school, local, national or global level – that enables us as a school community to turn our concern into action. All of the children at St Thomas More’s understand the importance of putting our faith into action and making a positive difference to the world. So far this year, the Mini Vinnies have:

  • collected food for our local food bank
  • Raised £200 through the Christmas Fair to support the John Paul Centre that works with the homeless and refugees in Middlesbrough
  • Created a variety of food hampers for people in our local community
  • Raised money for “Mission Together” through the distribution of Bishop Terry’s red Mission boxes
  • Grew from seed, planted and developed the community therapeutic garden for Cancer patients at the James Cook University hospital
  • Through our Easter Fayre, raised money to support CAFOD as part of our Lenten Mission

How often do we meet in Mini Vinnies?

We meet each half term to review our actions and plan our next steps based upon what is needed and how we can help our local, national and global community.

How can you become a Mini Vinnie?

Children are encouraged to let their teacher know if they are interested in becoming part of our Mini Vinnies team. New members are welcomed in the Autumn term.