Class Teachers: Mrs Gibson & Miss Whitehouse (Reception) Mrs Georgiou (Nursery)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brown (Reception) Mrs Goodrum Nursery (AM)


This half term, the children in EYFS will be very busy taking part in lots of festive crafts based around Christmas.

Our key books will be:

We will be talking about how our families are all different and learning to use the language of one more or one less.
We will be mark making outside with sticks and mud.
We will be making our own stickmen using natural resources collected from outside.

Elf on the shelf
We will be writing Christmas shopping lists.
Making toys and wrapping presents in our role play area.
Comparing the size of presents and putting them in order.
Weighing different parcels to see which is the heaviest and lightest.

We will read the story Dear Santa and then write our letters to Santa.
Finding out about the role of a postman/post lady
Recognising numbers in the environment, especially the numbers on people’s house doors.

The Christmas story
We will be using our Bethlehem role play area to retell the story, taking on the roles of key characters from the story.
Sequencing pictures from the Christmas story.
Learning songs to retell the Christmas story.

This half term Reception children will be continuing to take part in Yoga Bugs every Monday morning. They will not require their PE kits for this session as will be asked to remove shoes, socks and their jumper or cardigan.

Reception children now participate in PE lessons every Monday. Therefore, will need to come into school ready for PE in their PE kit on this day.

Nursery children will take part in PE once a week but do not require a PE kit. Jumpers and cardigans will be removed for these sessions.



  • Parents are expected to read with their child 3 times a week at home.
  • In Reception reading record books must be signed and returned daily for confirmation.
  • In Reception children will receive a reading scheme book and choose a home loan book each Monday.
  • In Reception each term children will receive a homework pack to complete.
  • Nursery parents are asked to return their book bags every Friday to enable them to be changed and new homework added.