Class Teachers: Miss Whitehouse & Mrs Pitchers (Reception) Mrs Georgiou (Nursery)

Teaching Assistants: HLTA Miss Johns (Reception) Mrs Goodrum Nursery (AM) Miss Abbott (PM) Mrs Ivison (PM)

We hope that you had a wonderful Summer Break and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to school.

Our teaching will be focused on key books each half term. During Autumn term 1 our books will be around the topic ‘Proud to be a Teessider.’

Our key books will be:

I’m absolutely too small to start school
We will be talking about ourselves and creating self-portraits.
We will be learning about the school building and school routines.

We will be learning about our local area and the place where we live, Middlesbrough/ Teesside.
We will be talking about how we grow and change from a baby to a school child.

Hairy McClary
We will be learning how to recognise and write our names.
Finding out about our families.
Recognising numbers in the environment, especially the numbers on our own house doors.

Topsy and Tim go to the Dentist.
We will be talking about the importance of looking after our teeth.
Pretending to be a dentist in the role play area.
We will have a visit from the school dentist and begin our school tooth brushing scheme.

Owl Babies/ Autumn
We will be discussing the change in season.
Exploring animals that are nocturnal and hibernate.
Learning songs about autumn.

This half term Reception children will be continuing to take part in Mighty Warriors every Friday Afternoon. They will not require their PE kits for this session as will be asked to remove shoes, socks and their jumper or cardigan.

Reception children will take part in PE every Monday morning  Children now need to bring a PE kit into school and leave it so on their PE day they can get ready at school.

Nursery children will take part in PE once a week but do not require a PE kit. Jumpers and cardigans will be removed for these sessions. Nursery children’s focus will be gymnastics.


  • Parents are expected to read with their child 3 times a week at home.
  • In Reception reading record books must be signed and returned daily for confirmation.
  • In Reception children will receive a reading scheme book and choose a home loan book each Monday.
  • In Reception each term children will receive a homework pack to complete. Work will be marked each Monday.
  • Nursery parents are asked to return their book bags every Friday to enable them to be changed and new homework added.

General Reminders

Juice money will continue to be 50p a week in order to replenish resources and buy snacks.

Nursery timings- AM gate will be open 8.40am- 8.55am          11.30- 11.40pm -gate open

PM gate will be open 12.10pm- 3pm                3pm gate open

Reception –   AM gate will be open 8.40pm- 8.55pm                    3pm gate open

Please ensure children arrive to school promptly on time wearing correct uniform. Make sure shoes are strong, flat, black and easy to take on and off independently. No Trainers. No Jewellery or nail varnish.

If your child presents with any symptoms of Covid 19 please do not bring them to school until they have been tested as negative. Also please ring the main office to inform staff to ensure we are able to follow government guidance accordingly.