A high standard of behaviour is expected of all children.  Our school is a caring community in which behaviour is based on the gospel values of mutual respect and consideration for others.

At St Thomas More’s we believe that promoting good behaviour is the shared responsibility of staff and parents and that we all have a duty to act as role models for the children within our care.  The values, standards and attitudes are made clear to the children by example and discussion so that they are absorbed and made their own.  Whole school “Golden Rules” are displayed in every classroom in and around school and these are regularly referred to and demonstrated regularly.

Good behaviour is regularly rewarded and celebrated. This includes giving children certificates, house points, rewards and stickers within class and celebration assembly.  Inappropriate behaviour is effectively managed by all staff in school using procedures laid down within the behaviour policy.  Children are encouraged to tell the truth when they are involved in problems and reflect on their behaviour so that they learn from their mistakes.  Incidents are fully investigated by staff and children are required to complete an incident form when they have been involved in a problem.  Sanctions are used to help discourage inappropriate behaviour. These include loss of Golden Time, detention and in extremely serious cases exclusion.


Do be honest

Always tell the truth

Be gentle

Do not hurt anybody

Be kind and helpful

Do not hurt people’s feelings

Do work hard

Do not waste time

Do look after property

Do not damage or waste

Do listen to other people

Do not interrupt