St. Thomas More’s is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels safe, happy and are able to succeed. Every member of the school community is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility and encourage others to follow.

In line with our school Mission Statement, “Live as God calls you,” and rooted in the teachings of Christ, the Gospel values of Love, Justice, Peace, Respect, Compassion and Forgiveness reflect our calling to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. St Thomas More Primary School is a community that nurtures and supports every child; that values everyone’s unique worth and contribution; that empowers every member to achieve their fullest potential; that opens up a world of opportunities.

Golden Values

The 3 Golden Values underpin behaviour expectations at St. Thomas More’s. The Golden Values are displayed in all classrooms, the main hall and corridors and are regularly referred to on a daily basis: They are understood and owned by pupils. Teachers explain what each of the values means and looks like and staff promote these on a daily basis through recognition of them.

Live as God Calls You

Be kind
Be safe
Be ready

Rainbow Journey
Our Rainbow Journey recognises the qualities which we expect to be shown throughout school. Recognition of how children display these qualities is on the Rainbow Journey display in each classroom. Children can work their way through the rainbow with the aim of reaching the pot of gold. If a child reaches the pot of gold, this is recorded by the class teacher.

Every day is a new start for pupils and children can move up and down the rainbow within a given day. Every child starts the day on the Sun. If a child makes a wrong choice with our 3 Golden Values, their name is placed on the rain cloud. Once they have completed their sanction they will return to the sun in the next teaching session.

Each week, recognition of children who have displayed these qualities are celebrated in achievement assembly. Here are our 7 Rainbow Journey qualities:

Resilience – work hard and accept consequences
Compassion – be gentle, kind and helpful
Honesty – tell the truth
Responsibility– accept consequences and look after property
Justice – be fair and listen at all times
Self-Belief – work hard at all times
Respect – shown through all of the values


STM Behaviour Policy