At St Thomas More, the school day begins with prayer. We recognize that our lives are centred on the focal point of Jesus, which means that education must be centered on Jesus as well. When a school begins with Jesus and lets everything branch out from him, then the environment is one of genuine care and love.

At our school the children are taught traditional Catholic prayers as they journey through school. Please use our school prayer book at home so that you can support in developing your child’s knowledge of prayer and continue to develop their understanding of what the words mean to us as Christians today

We need to remember that prayer is a form of communication, a way of talking to God. It can be formal or informal. Whilst formal prayer is an important element of Christian worship, there are many other ways of speaking to God.

There are four kinds of prayer, and three ways of praying:

  1. Praise: the highest form of prayer because there is no self-interest in that, just praising God for being God. That’s what we are called to do in prayer.
  2. Thanksgiving: to be thankful for his many gifts
  3. Repentance: when we know we have not followed the Gospel ideas; so coming before God, aware of our sins, we ask His forgiveness.
  4. Petition: intercession, for ourselves, for others and for the world. Probably the easiest and the one we do most often.

Three ways of praying:

  1. With the voice – vocal prayer – saying and singing prayer
  2. Of the mind – meditation – meditative prayer (personal, between the individual and God)
  3. Of the heart – contemplation – contemplative prayer (able to be shared)

At St Thomas More children and staff are enabled to prayer freely through the use of Prayer Spaces located around school. These special spaces allow prayer of the mind and of the heart to be offered at times of need or simple choice in the lives of individuals.

Please click on the link below to see our school prayer book:

Prayer Book